The 5 Stages of Emoji when Receiving Your Blood Test Results

You know that moment when you get the printout from your blood test and you think WTH am I supposed to do with this?


For me, my range of emotions cycle from confused to fatigued, with a couple bouts of frenzy & hysteria along the way.


Let’s take a moment to review…


Stage 1- Confusion   

“Why Did this ********* just hand me a sheet of paper in 2018?”


“I literally have 106 apps on my phone. “


“I hope this sheet of paper was manufactured from 100% recycled material.”


“And precisely where am I supposed to file this sheet of paper? On my refrigerator door?”



Stage 2 – Overwhelmed

  “Absolute Neutrophils??? Absolute Basophils???  This is absolute b******t!”



Stage 3 – Frustration

“Unless Absolute Monocytes is a new flavor of Absolut Vodka, I absolutely don’t give af.”



Stage 4 – Disinterest

(Checking the time) “Speaking of Absolut Vodka, how much longer till happy hour starts?”



Stage 5 – Fatigue

The final stage of my cycle consists of scanning my surroundings in search of a furnishing on which to lay.


A couch, a bed, a reclined car seat.  It really doesn’t matter at this point. I just need a place to rest for a few minutes to regroup… for happy hour.



All kidding aside,  the gross inefficiencies of Health Record Management are one of the reasons why TheBigPicture has developed a better system for anyone to easily organize and store their health records.


One that’s digital, user friendly, and is always with you when you need it most; because it  lives on your device, not on your refrigerator.


So download TheBigPicture today. And don’t worry if you don’t have your blood test results handy.  We planned for that. So we’ll help you get started!

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